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Ramon Ayala

Ramon Ayala is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and composer, best known for his work in Norteno music. He has been active since 1963 and plays the accordion. What are some of Ramon Ayala’s most popular songs? What awards has he won? What is his net worth? Find out in our Q&A below!

What are some of Ramon Ayala’s most popular songs?

Ramon Ayala’s musical style is known as Norteno, and originates from Northern Mexico. The accordion is one of the genre’s most popular and traditional instruments.

Throughout his 50-year career, Ayala has released multiple singles that have gained him international success. Some of the most notable include “El Disgusto”, “Tragos Amargos”, “Cuando Yo Era un Jovencito”, and “Gaviota”.

What awards has Ramon Ayala won?

Although Ayala is more popular in his home country of Mexico, he has still found some commercial success in the USA.

He has been nominated for 8 Grammy awards, including best Mexican album in 2004, best Mexican performance in 1998, and best Mexican-American performance in 1995.

He has also won 2 Grammys, which were best Mexican album in 2001 for En Vivo… El Hombre Y Su Musica and best Norteno album in 2010 for Classic.

What is Ramon Ayala’s net worth?

As of 2020, Ayala’s net worth is an estimated worth of $9.5 million US.

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