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Anytime ( 6 )
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La Do Da ( 2 )
Lights ( 10 )
Majestic ( 3 )
Open Arms ( 11 )
Patiently ( 5 )
Suzanne ( 3 )
Too Late ( 3 )
Topaz ( 2 )

Celebrating the Best Journey Songs

One song can be enough to keep a band in people’s hearts and minds for decades. And Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is a prime example.

This song was released way back in 1981, but remains a classic of the rock genre, beloved by many — including countless fans born years after it first hit the charts. Don’t Stop Believin’ actually became the biggest-selling of all tracks released before the 21st century on iTunes in 2009, as proof of its immense staying power.

But there’s more to Journey than this unforgettable track.

The Best Journey Songs from a Career Spanning Decades

Journey has separated and reformed multiple times, but has enjoyed considerable success since the band first broke through in the early 1980s. By the time Don’t Stop Believin’ was released, the band had already released multiple albums, including Escape (from which this track was taken).

Escape was a huge hit, reaching the top of the Billboard 200 and garnering critical acclaim. It also included the track Open Arms, another of the best Journey songs. Don’t Stop Believin’ showcases some of the strongest Journey songs lyrics, with an inspirational sensibility that makes it one of the most upbeat rock songs ever released.

Other best Journey songs include Any Way You Want It, Lights, Wheel in the Sky, and Only the Young. They showcase some of the strongest Journey songs lyrics written so far.

During the band’s career, Journey has sold close to 50 million albums in the United States alone, and have had more than 19 top 40 singles in this country, with 25 gold and platinum albums. The Greatest Hits album, released in 1988, was RIAA Diamond Certified and believed to be the US’s sixth-highest-certified greatest hits album. It sells almost 500,000 units around the world each year, and has been rereleased on numerous occasions.

Overall, Journey is considered one of the top-selling bands in the history of music. The band was inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

The Enduring Power of the Best Journey Songs

As with most smash-hit rock bands, Journey songs lyrics can be heard in numerous films and television shows. For example, Don’t Stop Believin’ featured in the notorious final installment of the long-running Sopranos, as well as in hit musical series Glee. The Broadway musical Rock of Ages includes the track, too.

With the best Journey songs gaining exposure in the media, the band continues to gain new fans again and again. There’s a wealth of material for newcomers to discover, including more than a dozen albums.

These include: the 1975 debut Journey; Look into the Future; Next; Infinity; Evolution; Departure; Dream, After Dream; Escape; Frontiers; Raised on Radio; Trial by Fire; Arrival; Generations; Revelation; and Eclipse. The Greatest Hits compilation makes a fantastic starting point for new fans, too.

If you’re looking to listen to the best Journey songs, you’ll find every one listed here at Song List. We include links to buy the tracks on Amazon and Apple Music, so you can discover the band for yourself within just a couple of clicks.

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