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Kid Rock: Discover this Versatile Artist’s Song List

Kid Rock is an incredibly versatile singer-songwriter, with a portfolio of work encompassing hip hop, rock, and country. Not only can he sing a hard-rock song well, but he’s equally comfortable with rap and country, showcasing a distinctive mixture of musical capabilities.

Kid Rock has sold millions of albums and made headlines during his career, not least for his relationship with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. But, despite some of his controversies and his outspoken style, Kid Rock has shown himself to be an artist worthy of his acclaim.

Kid Rock’s Rise to Fame

While Kid Rock started as part of a group known as The Beast Crew, performing hip hop, he soon branched out on his own. He created a number of demos in the late 1980s that led to interest from various major labels, such as CBS Records.

He was eventually signed by Jive Records when he was just 17 years old. He released his first studio album, titled Sandwiches for Breakfast, soon after, but was ultimately dropped by Jive Records.

It wasn’t until his fourth album, Devil Without a Cause, that Kid Rock finally achieved breakthrough success. This garnered sales of more than 14 million units, and introduced Kid Rock music to a wider audience.

He started to drift further away from hip hop on his sixth album, which was self-titled. The first single released was Feel Like Makin’ Love, a cover of the classic Bad Company track, and he attracted further attention when he sang during the 2004 Super Bowl’s halftime performance.

One of Kid Rock’s biggest international hits was his 2008 song All Summer Long, which incorporates elements from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.

The Most Popular Kid Rock Music

Kid Rock songs lyrics have varied wildly during his career. While his early work had a strong hip hop style, he has become more of a rock- and country-focused performer, particularly in his self-titled album from 2003. Its follow-ups, Rock n Roll Jesus and Born Free, equally had an emphasis on more conventional rock.

This variation in his singing and songwriting has helped Kid Rock reach a fairly broad audience, with fans following him from his earliest releases to his most recent work. Some of the biggest Kid Rock songs lyrics include Bawitdaba, Only God Knows Why, All Summer Long, Born Free, and Picture.

Kid Rock music has achieved diverse positions on international charts. For example, So Hott reached number two on the US Mainstream Rock chart and number 16 on the Canada Rock chart.

However, First Kiss peaked at number 29 on the US Adult Top 40 chart, number 56 on the US Country Airplay chart, and number 71 on the Canadian Hot 100. Still a hit, yet without the same impact as some of his bigger songs.

Despite his variable chart performance, Kid Rock remains a unique artist with a versatile portfolio. You can view all of his tracks at Song List, and find links to buy them at Apple Music and Amazon now.

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