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Jerry Jeff Walker

Ronald Clyde Crosby or better known as Jerry Jeff Walker was a famous American country music singer and songwriter. He was a prominent and influential figure in the Outlaw country music movement. He inspired thousands of individuals. With magic in his music, Jerry Jeff Walker was known for writing deep yet inspiring lyrics. And turning them into mesmerizing tracks. He is best known for writing tracks like the 1968 song “Mr. Bojangles”. Jerry Jeff Walker gave the country music genre some truly amazing music. Having had a magnificent music career which also included playing for several presidents. Jerry definitely left a huge impact on the country music scene. He gave us some of the best country music ever created.

Jerry Jeff Walker had the Texan spirit within him. And he was a star amongst the outlaw country scene. He had a unique and inspiring style of writing lyrics and converting them into powerful tracks. That was the reason for his widespread fame and a cult-like following. He used to express his emotions and feelings into deep lyrics like never seen before. And with his interesting yet plain-spoken vocal style, he created wonderful music. So let’s go deep into the life and career of the legendary Jerry Jeff Walker.

The Early life of Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff Walker was born in Oneonta, New York on March 16, 1942. His parents were both hardworking individuals. His father used to work as a sports referee and bartender. And his mother was a housewife. Interestingly, his maternal grandparents were both creative artists. They often performed square dances in the Oneonta area. Music was a part of his family from the beginning. His grandmother, Jessie Conroe used to play the piano. And his grandfather played the fiddle. Soon after, in the late 1950s, Jerry was playing with a local teen band in his town. It was called “The Tones”.

Start of a Musical Journey

After graduating from high school, Jerry Jeff Walker wanted to try something new. And he got himself enrolled in the National Guard. But having a soul that desired adventure and excitement. He eventually got discharged from the National Guard. And in the coming years, Jerry went on discovering and traveling the country. He was playing music for a living throughout New Orleans and all across Texas, New York, and Florida. He was accompanied by his good friend; H.R. Stoneback. Initially, Jerry used to perform under the name of Jerry Ferris. Then he changed it to Jerry Walker. And then finally in the late 1960s he got it legally changed to Jerry Jeff Walker.

Music Career of Jerry Jeff Walker

The early years of Jerry’s music career were spent in Greenwich Village in the mid-1960s. Soon he co-founded a musical group with Bob Bruno which was called “Circus Maximus”. And this musical band went on to release two spectacular albums. They included the popular radio super hit “Wind”. The music that Jerry Jeff Walker created had a unique twist and charm to it. That mesmerized his audience and earned him widespread fame. But Bob Bruno’s interest diverted towards Jazz music. And the band eventually was closed. Jerry resumed his solo career as a professional musician.

Start of a Solo Career

Soon after, in 1968, Jerry Jeff Walker recorded one of his most successful and famous albums “Mr. Bojangles”. This masterpiece was recorded with the help of various music artists. That included David Bromberg, and several other influential artists from the Atlantic Recording Corporation. Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Mr. Bojangles” is probably one of his best and most known albums. It showcased the amazing talent and skill that he possessed. The album is about a talented tap-dancing drifter who is addicted to alcohol. And after being arrested and put in the New Orleans prison, he wanted him to be known only as “Bojangles” and nothing else. It is a wonderful journey of beautiful lyrics and harmonious melodies.

Evolution and Prime Years of Jerry Jeff Walker

Later on in his career, Jerry Jeff Walker had become an influential and prominent country music artist in Austin. And various other places. He soon started touring extensively and recorded in various places. They included Texas, Louisiana, and New York. His music was loved by everyone and he truly gave the country music genre some wonderful tunes. Walker also toured with a band of Austin musicians. They were called the “Lost Gonzo Band”, and they created various stellar tracks. The last album ever recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker was 1982’s “Cowjazz”. Jerry truly had an amazing music career and lived an exciting and inspiring life.

Later Years of Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry had a remarkable musical career and became a leading figure in the outlaw country music movement. Jerry Jeff Walker truly changed the country music scene throughout his lifetime. Creating amazing and evergreen creations like “Mr. Bojangles”, his music inspired and touched millions of lives. Jerry Jeff Walker eventually passed away on the 23rd of October 2020 due to throat cancer. But his wonderful music and legacy still live on to this day.

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